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BBQ Man Skewer

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The BBQ Man Skewer is an ideal gift for the man of the house who tends to get a little bit territorial at your barbecue.
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A BBQ is traditionally seen as a man's area. Barbecue season is the one occasion where men can assert their masculinity and display their meat with pride, whilst perfecting their technique (on the grill) at the same time.

This BBQ skewer is a metal prong shaped like a man - and the skewer sticks out just far enough in front to stick a sausage on it, primed for easy grilling. A fun tongue-in-cheek gift for your boyfriend or husband who gets a bit protective over the barbecue in summer, this funny tool is as practical as it is silly.

From delicious kebabs to juicy sausages, the BBQ Man Skewer can grill them all, though he does prefer the larger sausage to keep up appearances...

  • Guaranteed to get your guests talking
  • Fun gift for grill kings
  • Cook your sausages to perfection

Detailed Information

  • Dimensions: 5 x 50cm