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Chicken Shaped Fried Egg Shaper

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The Chicken Shaped Fried Egg Shaper will transform your fried eggs into a hilarious chicken shaped delicacy - certainly helping to add some spark to your breakfast in the morning.
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The Chicken Shaped Fried Egg Shaper is a fantastic novelty kitchen item which doubles up as a hilarious play on words. We're sure you've heard the age old question - "what came first, the chicken or the egg?" Well - with the Chicken Shaped Fried Egg Shaper you need not know the answer to this question, because both can come at the very same time!

This metal fried egg shaper is crafted impeccably to replicate the shape of a chicken. You simply heat up your pan, crack an egg into the egg shaper and let it cook, forming the perfect shape of a chicken, adding a little cluck to your breakfast time.

The egg shaper comes with a handy metal handle and is incredibly sturdy, offering perfectly cooked friend eggs every single time. You can also use this egg shaper to cut your toast or sandwiches into chicken shapes too - handy and novelty at the very same time.

This novelty gift idea is a hilarious present for anyone who can't get enough of adding eggs to their breakfast and will quickly become a staple item in any kitchen.