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Freeloader Fork | Extendible Cutlery

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Dine out in classic prankster style with the Freeloader Fork. Use this nifty extendible fork to treat yourself to other people’s food before they help themselves to yours!
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If you’re tired of protecting the food on your plate from the pesky, greedy grabbing fingers of family and friends, get your own back with the ingenious Freeloader Fork! This easy to use extendible fork let’s you load up your cutlery with the contents of their plates!

This novelty fork is made from stainless steel and looks just like any other fork. The simple pull action on the fork’s handle allows you to quickly and easily extend its range to an impressive 2 feet. Feast on the look of confusion and bafflement on your friend’s or child’s face, as you pinch their chips from right under their nose.

The Freeloader Fork is just what you need when you’re patiently standing in line at the buffet queue. Why wait when you can easily reach the last tasty sausage? Freeload with purpose and fill up your plate. The awesome Freeloader Fork Extendible Cutlery is perfect for cheeky and discreet food grabbing, or brave and blatant indulgence.

  • Extending novelty cutlery
  • Grab the last sausage at the breakfast buffet from the back of the queue
  • Store the Freeloader Fork in your bag for cheeky indulges on the go
  • Extends to a lengthy 21” for easy food grabs at any event or occasion
  • Makes a great jokey gift for pranksters and anyone who’s tired of protecting their food

Detailed Information

  • Material: stainless steel

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