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Fungi Box | Grow Your Own Mushrooms!

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Everyone loves to grow their own! Now you can have your very own vegetable garden growing from the comfort of your home with a Fungi Box!
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Grow Your Own Mushrooms with a Fungi Box! The perfect gift for foodies, aspiring chefs, gardeners, gourmet food lovers, kids, and just about anyone who loves mushrooms!

Grow fabulous fresh veg in the comfort of your home with this great gift. No getting wet having to trapse outside to collect them and everyone can take part in pruning and growing their own Mushrooms! Self-harvested food makes cooking twice as much fun and gives kids an education on where some of their food comes from!

The great Fungi Box makes growing mushrooms simple. You just have to peel away the opening on the box and then it's just so easy to create your own mushrooms by irrigating regularly using the included sprayer. After a few days you can see the oyster mushrooms start to grow, keep track of them too by having them in eyes view whilst cooking dinner!

Enjoy the fruits of your growing just 14 days later and taste the freshness of home-grown gourmet mushrooms! Repeat again for a second crop.

  • Food tastes better when you've grown it yourself
  • Who knew growing fungi turns you into such a 'fun guy'
  • Perfect gift for mushroom lovers

Detailed Information

Sprayer included
Ready to eat within 2 weeks (must be used within 4 months)
his is a perishable product (store in dry and cool conditions)