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Gift Wrapping Thumb

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Wrap your presents with ease, using this ingenious Gift Wrapping Thumb you can save yourself untold time and effort.
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Some people just don’t care what their wrapped gift looks like. Often we receive gifts that look like they’ve been wrapped by a dog who only has one paw, but that’s not everyone! To some people wrapping gifts is an art form. It’s something that takes time, delicacy and precision. For these people the Gift Wrapping Thumb is the perfect gift!

Let’s get this straight, the Gift Wrapping Thumb is not a gift shaped like a thumb that is going to spit some sick rhymes; you might be getting confused with a gift rapping thumb. The Gift Wrapping Thumb is the all-important third thumb that you need when you are trying to tie those beautiful flowing bows in an attempt to make your front room look like a Christmas movie scene.

The thumb sits and holds the ribbon in place as you tie the second knot that will keep the whole thing in place, preventing your ribbon from becoming a limp and floppy thing that hands loosely over the gift you are wrapping. It allows you all the fun of twirling your ribbon with those blunt scissors without the pressure and stress of keeping it in place!

  • Includes a plastic thumb that splits into two parts
  • Wrap your gifts with class
  • Acts as that all important third thumb
  • Ideal gift for people who put time and effort into their wrapping

Detailed Information

  • Tight double knot unaided 
  • Patented world premiere 
  • Suitable for gift, curl, ribbon and roped and for different band strengths 
  • Additional decorations includable in the node 
  • Made in Germany