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His = Hers | Double Piggy Bank

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This His = Hers Double Piggy Bank is a hilarious joke gift to poke fun at your male friends. This pair of money boxes cleverly plays on relationship stereotypes to have a laugh at with your friends. Great gift for a stag do!
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They say that the number one cause for arguments in relationships is money, so you can be rest assured that this present is relevant for most couples, whether the metaphor is accurate or not! The His = Hers Double Piggy Bank is a pair of piggy banks standing on top of each other, labelled “His” and “Her”. When insert money in the “His” piggy it falls straight through and ends up in the “Her” piggy. 

This cheeky gift for couples is of course implying that all of the men's savings is spent on the women. If you know a man who can’t help but pay for his partner's habits, or showers her in presents, then poke fun at him with this toungue-in-cheek gift. Alternatively, maybe the breadwinner in the couple is the woman, and you can make fun out of the guy for the role reversal? 

This funny gift idea is appropriate for a bachelor party, birthday or father's day!

Detailed Information

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Black-and-white
  • Approx 14 x 20 cm