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Insect Hotel

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The Insect Hotel allows those very small guests to check in and feel right at home in this wooden house especially designed to help those smaller creatures out.
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Everyone likes making new friend right? And we all like to make friends with animals…Okay, so insects might not usually be our first choice for pets as we usually spend our time trying to shoo them out of our house. It’s not surprising really that they are so desperate to be indoors, so why not encourage them to stay outside with the Insect Hotel.

If you’ve ever watched films like Antz or A Bug’s Life, it’s easy to feel sympathy for the little guys and girls. They might seem a bit gross to us, but they can’t help having been born insects and they’re just trying to make the best of life like we all are. When you give them the Insect Hotel you can feel satisfied in knowing that you’ve helped them out and that your kind gesture as made them feel a little bit less hated.

This little Insect Hotel is both practical and pretty and is designed to attract creatures like bees, spiders (they just get everywhere don’t they) ladybirds and butterflies and is the ideal gift for any nature lover. 


  • Make some new friends in your garden
  • Let those poor insects know that at least you value them
  • Attract a variety of insects

Detailed Information

  • Material: Wood (in natural color) 
  • Dimensions: 30 x 25 cm