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Lie Detector

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Ever wanted to get some real answers out of one of your friends or family members when they just won’t tell you about something? Now with this lie detector you can put your friends and family in the hot seat and give them a good grilling!
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Do you want to know who ate the last of the chocolate, or who used up the last of your favourite cereal? Well now is your chance to find out! Put your family and friends in the hot seat and give them a real interrogation. Do they have the nerve to stand up to the lie detector, or will they crack under the pressure?

This toy lie detector features a display and two sensors, and really is a really fun way of seeing if someone is telling the truth when you ask them a question. Just don’t take the answers to seriously, as the device is very basic and cannot guarantee 100% accuracy.

Don’t be too tough on them though, because it’ll be your turn soon and you’ll be facing some questions of your own! This is a great gift that provides a hugely fun activity at parties and special occasions. It’s good fun to play with friends or family!

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