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Mini Confetti Cannon

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Have a real blast with a Mini Confetti Cannon. Surprise and shower your friends and party guests with a cascade of fluttering, metallic confetti shapes.
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To make your party celebrations go with a bang let off a blast with the cool Mini Confetti Cannon! Fire the cannon and shoot a cascading stream of colourful metallic confetti shapes. The firework style launch will impress your friends and decorate the room with pretty fluttering confetti.

Transform your party into a memorable grand occasion with this Confetti Cannon. This compact cylindrical cardboard tube packs an impressive amount of glittering metallic foil confetti shapes. The hand held, single shot disposal confetti shooter is spring loaded and simply requires a twist of the base. Hold away from your guests and twist to launch. The pop will fill the air with a shower of confetti.

The unique Mini Confetti Cannon creates a firework style display in seconds, and is perfect for any event or occasion. Choose your preferred confetti shapes and prepare to fill the room with excitement. Create an awesome effect that will dazzle your party guests.

  • Novelty mini confetti cannon with single shot disposable
  • Surprise your party guests by showering them in fluttering confetti
  • Create a firework style confetti display in an instant
  • Makes a great birthday party or celebration surprise
  • Choose from a variety of confetti shapes for any themed occasion

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Juhlakonfetti Mini

  • Valittavana neljä eri mallia: vihreät onnenapilat, punaiset sydämet, värikäs "Happy birthday" tai valkoinen konfettisade