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"Body to Body" Erotic Massage Oil | Gift Set

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An extraordinary and sensual experience is possible with this gift set! The set provides up to four litres of body gel, which enables the weightless gliding of two people, and intoxicating and exciting experiences experienceable.
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You feel your partner, new, exciting and completely different! Tingling strawberry scents fill the air once this stimulating exotic gift set is opened. Diluted with warm water, the two bottles provide four litres of sensual body gel, which offers a new erotic experience: the weightless sliding of two bodies. Not only the skin is stimulated, the imagination knows no limits ... Even the geishas of the Edo era used such body gel to share sensual pleasures.

So that the unique adventure for lovers does not end with ruined sheets, the set includes foil to protect your bedding.

The gift set with the whole-body lubricant is a great idea that will give you exciting hours with its tingling erotic factor. Ideal for both new and long-term lovers and those who love the special tingling sensation!

Detailed Information

  • Erotic body gel
  • 2 x 250 ml, results in a total of up to 4 litres
  • Fragrance: Strawberry
  • Includes waterproof film