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Skull Egg Cup

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The Skull Egg Cup allows you to mould your hard-boiled egg into a skull shape that looks suspiciously like Jack Skellington and makes them perfect for Halloween.
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This hard-boiled egg Skull Egg Cup is an unbeatable idea (pun intended). The Skull Egg Cup is essentially a very clever little mould that you put your egg in that gives it this friendly little skull face. Sometimes, you just get fed up of eating eggs that don’t have awesome little faces on, and it makes you feel better to know that you have at least one little friend in the world.

It’s quite possible that right about now you are asking yourself how one might turn a normal egg into an amazing egg head breakfast friend? Well, simply boil your egg as normal and once it has cooked place the egg (make sure it’s still warm) in to the mould. Bathe it for a few minutes in cold water and the egg will take the shape of this delightful little chap.

The Skull Egg Cup is perfect for creating food for Halloween parties, or pirate or undead themed birthday parties. It is also perfect for anyone who doesn’t have a great deal of friends and would like to create some egg shaped skulls to engage in conversation with...

  • Create an egg with a skull face
  • Includes one mould
  • Ideal for Halloween
  • Eggs with faces double up as great friends

Detailed Information

Skull Egg Cup:

  • Dimensions: 7 x 8 cm 
  • Material: food-grade polypropylene 
  • Easy to use