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Octopus Shower Caddy

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Keep a hand or eight on all your stuff in the bath with this ace Octopus Shower Caddy!This cute shower caddy keeps the bathroom tidy and puts a smile on your face!
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Uncluttering your bathtub edge or your shower floor is the work of one adorable moment with this cool Octopus Shower Caddy! This cute little fellow has enough arms to hold up to 9 bottles of shampoo, shower gel and other bathtime concoctions, keeping your bathroom looking tidy and tranquil. It’s a great gift for a teenager moving into a university house to keep their stuff organised. And it’s perfect for bringing along camping, since it doesn’t need attaching to the shower wall.

This brilliant shower caddy is all about keeping clean. Not only does it hold all the potions required to keep you squeaky, but it means that removing everything from the shower to spray it down becomes a one handed job. Just unloop the caddy from wherever it’s been hung and shift it to the sink or the floor while you wipe down the tub. When you’re done, just hang it back up, and the job’s a good‘un. And because this cool shower caddy has no metal hardware, it won’t corrode. It just needs a good wipe now and then to keep it in top nick.

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