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Zip Headphones

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Don’t get yourself in a tangle, just get these cool Zip Earphones instead! The perfect gift for music lovers everywhere.
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We know how hard it is to function early in the morning when your brain is still cosy in bed and your body is moving drudgingly towards a day at the office...the last thing you need is to be deprived of your calming music or sitcom fix by a tangled mess of earphone wires that refuses to play ball.

With these funky Zip Earphones, gone are those days of untangling earphone wires or getting them snagged on clothing, bags, earrings or hair! Now you can simply zip them up to store them, then unzip them again to sit comfortably and snugly under your chin and get cracking listening to those new tunes or watching the latest Game of Thrones episode during your daily commute.

They’re so easy to use and save so much time and de-tangling drama that you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them. Available in an array of bright colours as well as the classic white, there’s a set to suit every personality, or every day of the week!

  • No more time wasted untangling wires
  • Stylish, funky and modern
  • Perfect for listening to music or using devices on the go
  • One size perfect for all
  • Available in your favourite colour

Detailed Information

  • Inklusive zwei verschieden große Ohrstöpsel aus Silikon
  • Farben: pink, schwarz
  • Länge: 130cm
  • Frequenzgang: 20-20,000 Hz
  • SPL (Empfindlichkeit) – 105dB+/-3